It is now official: KDE will be present again at FOSDEM in the 2016 edition, on the 30th and 31st of January, 2016.

Talks will take place at the Desktops DevRoom, on Sunday the 31st, but not exclusively: in past years, there were Qt and KDE-related talks at the mobile devroom, lightning talks, distributions, open document editors and more.

KDE will be sharing the room with other desktop environments, as usual: Gnome, Unity, Enlightenment, Razor, etc. Representatives from those communities will be helping me in managing and organizing the devroom: Christophe Fergeau, Michael Zanetti, Philippe Caseiro and Jérome Leclanche.

I would like to extend the invitation to any other free/open source desktop environment and/or related stuff. Check last year’s schedule for an example. Closed-source shops (Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, etc) are ALSO invited, provided that you will talk about something related to open source.

We will publish the Call for Talks for the Desktops DevRoom 2016 soon. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, you can subscribe to the Desktops DevRoom mailing list to be informed of important and useful information, and talk about FOSDEM and specific issues of the Desktops DevRoom.

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