Monthly Archives: October 2001

Poster problem

Oh yes, I already know. Some files for the Linux 2.4.0 Poster are missing. Concretely, that of the third row (from poster.3.1.pdf to poster.3.6.pdf). I hope to upload them in a few days, but I have a space problem (my hoster gives me no more space!). If you can help (by providing web space in a reliable location in Europe, without ads), please e-mail me
(31-10-01, 11.00 GMT)Oops! I’ve stored the files in Geocities, but Geoboys don’t allow to put external links (or it seems so). Try downloading from and

New page!

Pau’s site on the web has been (finally) updated. Well, in fact it has been completely redesigned and content renewed.
Main changes:

  • Changed look & feel: this is now a weblog (kudos to Blogger for this service; and still better, it’s free as the beer!). If you want to post to the weblog, you have to ask me permission (don’t hesitate to e-mail me)
  • Changed language: new page is written in English (the former one was written in Catalan). Some very local contents will be in Catalan or (seldom) in Spanish.
  • New sections: programming, links, about me. In a (hopelly) close future there’ll be a new revolutionaire web-app that I’m developing. I’m also trying to patent it (my first patent, woohoo!)

BTW, the upper banner annoys me just as much as it does you. I’m just a poor student, so if you want it off, stop complaining and send me $12! (i.e. using PayPal).